Rules for Club Rides

Rules for Rides

  1. You must have a current Club membership to ride. Invited guests are allowed to ride once a year.
  2. No SAG vehicles.
  3. No Club organized races. 
  4. Road and off road rides are allowed

The above rules are imposed by the Club's insurance carrier. I'm just relaying the technical rules the Club must operate under. Don't try to skirt the rules. Everybody gets sued if something bad happens, including the organizer. We don't worry so much about Club members suing (like, no one would want to ride with you) but we worry about a member injuring a pedestrian, damaging a car, etc. They don't sign Waivers of Liability.

Rider Conduct

  1. Obviously, don't endanger yourself, your fellow riders, or the general public.
  2. It's not my job (No one listens to the Board of Directors anyway) to tell the group where to ride, the pace to ride, or if there will be regroups, etc. You have to decide amongst yourselves. 

Standing Rides

Tuesdays     9:30 AM     Starbuck's (90 Solano Square  The standard route is Bridge to Bridge counterclockwise (25.5 miles, 1770 feet of ascent).

Thursdays    9:30 AM     Starbuck's (90 Solano Square  The standard route is up to the Rockville Valley Cafe via Goodyear and Lopes Road. Some add on Gordon Valley. 

Saturdays     8:00 AM      Benicia State Park  This is a Meet and Decide where members form groups with different routes, intensities, and regrouping. The pace can be quite brisk (>22 mph in sections).

Saturdays      9:00 AM      Benicia State Park  This is a Meet and Decide where members form groups with different routes, usually a variation of Bridge to Bridge clockwise (see route example below), and a lower intensity than the 8 AM ride. This is more suitable to those new to cycling and a more casual pace.

Sundays        8:00 AM      Benicia State Park  The hammerheads use this ride for recovery. The route is typically Bridge to Bridge counterclockwise, with variations such as Crockett Blvd, Scenic Drive, or McEwen.

Sundays        9:00 AM      Benicia State Park  This ride is typically similar to the Saturday 9:00 AM ride above.


Strava Route Builder

This is the best tool for discovering and creating routes. Turn on the Global Heat Map under the upper left Gear symbol on the map. The application calculates distance, elevation gain, and even an estimate of how long it would take to ride. If you are going to a new area, the heat map shows where everybody else rides in that area. You can download the route to your Garmin device.

Route Links

Lopes Road, Rockville, Gordon Valley, Benicia:  56.2 miles,  2,582 feet ascent

Benicia, Bridge to Bridge, clockwise (The short route for the Summer Barbecue Ride): 25.6 miles, 1,770 feet ascent

Benicia, Pig Farm, Pinole (clockwise) (The medium route for the Summer Barbecue Ride): 42.4 miles, 3,132 feet ascent

Benicia, Pig Farm, Three Bears, Pig Farm, Benicia (The long route for the Summer Barbecue Ride): 57.3 miles, 4,617 feet ascent

Benicia, Peet's in Danville, Benicia: 50.7 miles, 2,209 feet ascent

Benicia, Danville, Southgate to Mt. Diablo junction, Northgate descent, Benicia: 63.5 miles, 4,053 feet ascent

Benicia, Reliez Valley, Danville, Southgate to Mt. Diablo summit, Northgate descent, Benicia: 73.9 miles, 6,059 feet ascent

George Miller Regional Trail (Scenic Drive), clockwise (Caution-bad road at the Cemetery): 23.0 miles, 1,734 feet ascent

New Year’s Day Tour of Benicia: 17.7 miles, 2,004 feet ascent